Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Red Chair Fade Away

Bill Shepherd didn't just think the Bee Gees were great songwriters, he was also the arranger/conductor on the Bee Gees sixties records. So when he went to Robert Stigwood and said "I think their songs are not just 'trendy', but straight down the middle of the road commercial and would stand up given any treatment, in any style." Stigwood must've been distracted by Cream having another hit record because he told Shepherd to go make the record and send him the bill. Chorale records weren't very big in 1968, were they?

"Red Chair Fadeaway" is one of the stranger (and better) songs from the Bee Gees terrific 1ST LP. And the chorale version by the Bill Shepherd Singers is just as strange (not better). Anybody know what this song is about? Is it about anything? What are the sheep doing in there? "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You" is almost normal compared to "Red Chair Fadeaway".


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