Saturday, March 12, 2005

Swinging Pool Cues

The Swimming Pool Q's were one of the very first bands I saw play live. They played a free show in the student center at UT-Chattanooga right around the time that their first LP - THE DEEP END - was released. The show was supposed to be outside but it had rained so they moved the stage inside and set it up next to the stairs. There were a handful of people there to see the band and a whole lot of mad students that couldn't get to snack machines on the second floor.

"Rat Bait" was the band's first 45. They released it on their own Chlorinated Records in 1979. Head Q Jeff Calder was a student in Florida when he decided to move to Atlanta because he was a fan of the Hampton Grease Band. That band's guitarist introduced Calder to Bob Elsey in 1977, they wrote "Rat Bait" and formed a band to go with it. The Swimming Pool Q's are still together.


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