Sunday, July 31, 2005

College Twist Party

The Carroll Brothers COLLEGE TWIST PARTY is one of my favorite junkstore record finds. Nobody has heard of the album or the band but everybody that loves Rock & Roll wants to go find a copy of the record when they hear it. I know of at least three people that have hunted down a copy of the LP after I played it for them.

The title lets you know exactly what to expect, The Carroll Brothers recorded the album at various frat parties around Pennsylvania. Their cover of "Last Night" is my favorite version of that song.

The Carroll Brothers formed in 1957 and starting in 1958 they recorded 5 singles before their one 1962 LP. I've never seen any of the singles. They also made a movie, playing Chubby Checker's band in Don't Knock The Twist.

BTW, all song titles are exactly as they appear on the record. The notes also mention the Carroll Brothers playing every 'faternity' on campus.

I don't know what happened to the Carroll Brothgers after 1962. I did find out that Seymour Duncan was a fan of Pete Carroll's guitar playing and that Phil Humphrey toured with the Carroll Brothers after he left the Fendermen.

Also, Pete Carroll was in several bands with a guy named George Featherman, who was also in a band called the Nu Tornadoes. Maybe someday I'll post something about that band.


Blogger stooli said...

My girlfriend's father, Bill Grill, played Bass for the Carroll Brothers for a year or so in the early 60's, appearing on American Bandstand and the 45 - I Found You/Movin' Day. I would be interested if anyone had a recording of their Bandstand appearance.

1/12/05 11:56 AM  

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