Monday, August 07, 2006

Floyd Cramer plays who?

Sometimes I see a record and know that it’s worth getting even if the music isn’t any good. FLOYD CRAMER PLAYS THE MONKEES is one of those records. Fortunately the music is pretty good and was worth the fifty cents I paid for the album.

I don’t know who came up with the idea. Chet Atkins produced the album so it was either him or Floyd. I do wonder how long they sat around and laughed when they had the idea. “Hey Floyd, I got an idea that’ll make you popular with teens. You wanna do a whole album of Monkees songs?” The Monkees were popular in 1967 but I can’t imagine many Monkees fans buying a Floyd Cramer album.

Nobody gets credit for playing on the record so I can only guess that Chet Atkins is playing guitar. Cramer is playing organ and piano, of course. The back-up vocals make for a nice “Now Sound” on some of the songs. I wonder if they would have recorded "Last Train To Clarksville" if they had known that it's an anti-draft song?

Not everything works on the album. This one does. Are there any other songs that both Floyd Cramer and The Sex Pistols covered?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd bet that the rhythm section is Nashville A-Teamers Bob Moore on bass and Buddy Harmon on drums, as they played on tons of Chet-produced stuff back then. Harmon was the most rockin' drummer in Nashville (that's him on Elvis's "Little Sister" and "Devil In Disguise"), and where you hear one you're probably hearing the other.

8/8/06 1:42 AM  

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