Friday, January 11, 2008

They don't purr

When I found this LP in a junk store in Kentucky in 1987, I had completely forgotten about the original Cattanooga Cats cartoon. Thanks to Youtube, I remember seeing the show when I was a kid. I didn't remember the music either but I should. It's really good stuff.

Mike Curb - the guy that dropped the Velvet Underground & The Mothers of Invention from MGM - wrote the songs. This song wouldn't make it to kid's TV these days. Neither would this excellent bubblegum nugget. I'm surprised nobody has covered any of this stuff, these songs are great! And weird too - has any other singer ever worried about his band's dental hygiene?

The great Michael Lloyd sang the male leads, Peggy Clinger sings the female songs. The players are not credited unfortunately. The bass player is pretty good.

The whole LP is only 20 minutes long. That seems short noe but I'm pretty sure I would have had trouble sitting through the whole LP when I was 7.

There is a CD with 11 more songs available. And then there's this.


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