Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hair & image

The Mice were a Florida band that specialized in short jokey songs. The trio released at least two LPs, one in 1986 and the other in 1988. They should have released 2 or 3 singles instead. Both LPs have too much filler and joke songs that stop being funny before they are finished. There are only a handful of good songs and some of those sound half-finished.

That said, that handful of songs is really good. Good enough that I've kept both LPs for twenty years. "Hair & Image" is the best of the bunch, it shows what The Mice were capable of doing when they tried. "Car Partyin'" and "It's For Real" are also a-side songs. The Mice had a sensitive side too, it's too bad you have to wade through all the filler and country parodies to hear it. This song has potential but the sax player isn't helping much.

The Mice were probably a fun band to see live, the joke songs would have worked better in front of a bunch of drunks. Head mouse Joe Reineke moved to California and started a new band called The Meices. They were popular for a while in the mid-90s. Not good enough for me to keep the CDs though.


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