Monday, February 28, 2005

Because it's catchier than Lucius Tyson

Who knew that there really was a Doc Sausage? When I read Nick Tosches great "UNSUNG HEROS OF ROCK AND ROLL" there were a couple references to the guy. With a name like that, I figured that Tosches had made the guy up. Years later, I got great ROCKING 40's compilation that Hoy Hoy Records released and song #14 was by the man himself. There really was a guy that called himself Doc Sausage! Alan Freed played "Sausage Rock" on his Cleveland radio show.

Doc Sausage's was Lucius Tyson, a drummer and singer for the The Five Pork Chops and later The Mad Lads. "Sausage Rock" was released on Regal Records in 1950. They also recorded "She Don't Want Me" and a version of "Rag Mop" for the label.

HOY Hoy has released a new 2 disc collection called ROCK BEFORE ELVIS. You need a copy.

Now how about Esau Smith?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes some doin' to be catchier than Lucius Tyson.

28/2/05 8:04 PM  

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