Tuesday, February 22, 2005


CRAPS, Big Dipper's second LP, came out on Homestead Records in 1988. There some really good songs. But there aren't enough of them. There's a few that are just kinda there - not real good but they don't stink either.

The one that everybody remembers is "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House" which is based on a true story. Bill Goffrier wrote the song about Ron Klaus, who had been in the Embarrassment. Somebody liked it enough to use to demonstrate speakers. This song sticks in my mind for days after I hear it and this one one is catchy too.

And then came SLAM. I don't know what went wrong. Three years before Big Dipper was full of energy and excitement. In 1990 they were just another band signed to CBS. There's only a few good songs and a lot of blandness. The horns weren't a good idea. The production is usually blamed but I just think the songs weren't there. And Big Dipper just doesn't sound like they're having very much fun.


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