Friday, February 18, 2005

I thought you wanted to know

One last dB's post and then I'll leave 'em alone for a while:

The dB's reunion, Stamey says, is looking like it could be out by April 2006. They've recorded about a third of it so far, and everything is sounding really good.

"Peter [Holsapple] and I were about to make another duet record," Stamey says, "but he had a couple of songs that just sounded like they were dBs songs so we suggested cutting them with [drummer] Will Rigby and Gene for a duets record, but it seems like there are enough songs that fit the quartet."

Asked what the music sounds like, Stamey pauses.

"Well, I mean, Radiohead of course," he replies with a laugh, before confessing, "It sounds like the dB's to me."



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