Monday, February 21, 2005

The tallest band in Boston

Last week I said I was going to put something by Big Dipper up and today I hear rumors of a Big Dipper reunion. Maybe. I'm not holding my breath.

Big Dipper was formed in 1986 by ex-members of The Volcano Suns, The Embarrasment, and Dumptruck.

Joe Harvard compared Big Dipper to Madness: "I can't explain it but Big Dipper remind me of the band Madness. Like, if Madness hadn't been a ska band and had traded their horns for loud guitars, if they'd been from Americans from the Midwest who went to Boston instead of Brits from (probably) Coventry who (I assume) went to London, er...perhaps they could have been Dipper? Or not? Like I said, I can't explain it. Maybe it's because I can't really find reference points for the Dipper sound." Or maybe he didn't.

BOO-BOO was the first record and it's also the best one. Just six
songs but they were all winners. Shonen Knife covered a Big Dipper song which was the first time that I ever heard of the Japanese trio.

Then came HEAVENS which may have been some sort of concept LP. I just don't know what the concept is. There's the name of the record, a flying saucer on the cover and some of the songs make reference to spaceships and other strange things. A few of the songs didn't fit any concept at all.

Proving that Big Dipper were a band of the eighties, "All Going Out Together" was released on a 12" single.


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