Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm gonna run me a cemetery of my own was Poole's ability to preoject his own personal life experiences into his songs, giving them a unique sense of realism and believability that made his singing truly exciting. He did in fact "live" many of the things he sang about. A case in point: In "Coon from Tennessee" Poole sings:

I'm gonna run me a cemetery of my own
If you don't let my gal there alone
I'm gonna buy me a razor, gonna scrape the blade,
Gonna lay some son-of-a-gun in the shade...

Poole could sing with authority about fighting: he was a first rate scrapper and was in fact known to carry a razor. He grew up in family of eight brothers where fighting was always tolerated and enjoyed. Poole's sister-in-law relates how at a Christmas Day dinner in her home, Charlie and most of his brothers were gathered around the table eating when, for no apparent reason, Charlie reached across the table and "...smacked the living lard out of Henry (his youngest brother)." During the free-for-all that followed the police were called but they refused to come because they knew the reputation of the "Poole boys" all too well.

-- C. Kinney Rorrer, 1976


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