Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It means basically to suck, yeah, basically to suck.

A couple of requests came in for some Hampton Grease Band came in after the Swimming Pool Q's thing I posted a few days ago. The thing about the Hampton Grease Band is you either love them or hate them. Duane Allman and Frank Zappa loved them, Columbia Records execs and Three Dog Night fans did not. You can decide for yourself which side you're on but I think they're great.

The Hampton Grease Band was together for 7 years and released one double LP with 4 long songs and 3 shorter ones. It was the second worst selling record in Columbia Records history. I could write more but band member Glenn Phillips already wrote a history of the band that's informative and has pictures. And has pictures.

Brush with greatness: A long time ago, Col. Bruce Hampton was playing a show with the Fiji Mariners at the Tip-Top Cafe and I gave him a ride to Thai Restaurant. We talked about the houses we passed on the way.


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