Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hello There (again)

I have no idea why Cheap Trick decided to re-record IN COLOR. The story I hear most often is that they weren't happy with Tom Werman's production job. The band said it was too smooth and radio-friendly. OK. If they Cheap Trick was so unhappy with Werman, why did they have him produce their next two studio albums, HEAVEN TONIGHT & DREAM POLICE? Radio was very friendy to those records. The other story is that enjoyed working with Steve Albini so much that they just started recording and ended up doing the whole record over again. That's a better (and believable) story, I just wish they had redone ALL SHOOK UP instead. That was a botched production job.

I like the original IN COLOR, I wore the cassette out when I was a 16-year-old with a new driver's license and that's the version I still play. I've listened to this new version less than a dozen times. It sounds good but it doesn't sound right.

In defense of Cheap Trick, they did not try to sell the new version of IN COLOR. Good for them. I've only ever heard about it being traded or given away (Hi Perry!). The band can do whatever they want, if re-recording IN COLOR makes them happy then I have no reason to complain.

BTW, "Southern Girls" is still my favorite Cheap Trick song. And I bet Nielsen's tip o'the hat to the Yardbirds sounds terrific live.


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