Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I live in Louisiana...

I've been busy getting a legal education, painting paintings and drawing drawings, and basically having a natural ball, so I apologize for not making it over here as much as I'd like. So here's a post. Since Jazz Fest is coming up, I thought I'd post some actual good Louisiana music of the kind you won't hear if you come to Jazz Fest.

C.C. Adcock, "Beaux's Bounce"
...great Bo cover. This guy is probably playing the Fest, but probably with some projexct that reins in his natural gift for going crazy.

The Interlopers, "Track 3"
I don't know the title of this. It's from an as-yet-unreleased cd. They don't know I put it here.

Amos Milburn, "Chicken Shack Boogie"
Still might be the best record ever cut in Louisiana. You've probably heard it but if not GET IT. Like Glenn Gould, Milburn mutters as he bangs the keys off the piano. If I ever have a funeral, somebody please play this.

There ought to be some John Fred here; he passed on this week. I'll look around and see what I can find.


Blogger conrad said...

Only the Beaux's Bounce mp3 works; the other two return 404.

19/4/05 2:03 PM  
Blogger KS said...

I fixed the Interlopers link. David is going to have to look at the Milburn link.

19/4/05 2:45 PM  
Blogger theoldroadhog said...

Silly me...I fixed the Amos Milburn too. That Beaux's Bounce is good though, isn't it? Thanks for the heads up.

19/4/05 3:38 PM  

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