Monday, April 18, 2005

Lemonaide and I were walking

I found the Kak LP in a box of records that I guy dropped off at Sunburst Records. He just dumped them in front of the store and told Jay he didn’t have time to sell them and he didn’t want them to go into the trash. So Jay was giving them away and I grabbed this one.

Kak was formed in 1968 by Dehner Patten and Gary Lee Yoder, two Davis California guitarists. The pair had previously played in The Oxford Circle. Kak played shows around California and recorded their one LP for Epic. The record is very good and I think it’s better than some of the psychedelic records that were popular in 1968. Some of the songs had hit potential. The label did not push the record and it flopped.

The records failure led to Kak to breaking up. Gary Lee Yoder did a solo 45 and then joined Paul Whaley, his old drummer in the Oxford Circle, in Blue Cheer for one album.

Gary Lee Yoder still plays guitar in Davis. Dehner Patten is living in Portland, Oregon and playing in bands there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any tapes or CD-Rs of the Oregon bands Dehner Patten (ex-KAK) has played in? I have the KAK album and CD -- just would like to hear more of Dehner if anything is out there.

4/12/07 10:11 PM  

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