Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Look At The Sun

Even though Felt are from the same town I’ve lived in for 15 years, I’d never heard of them until Akarma Records re-issued their only LP a few years ago. I knew they were from Alabama but not from right down the road. I’ve never seen an original copy of the LP that Nasco Records (Nasco released records by Whalefeathers and The Electric Toilet too!) released in 1971.

Felt were a bunch of students at Grissom High School here in Huntsville in the early 70’s. Trick McKaha was a few years behind the band and remembers hearing them mentioned a few times but never knew any of the guys in the band. I did meet a teacher that had some of the band in her class and said that they were nice kids. Both of them have vague memories of the band playing a show at the school.

The music is pretty much standard early seventies guitar rock. "Look At The Sun" is my favorite from the record and I like "Now She's Gone" too. If you like that one, you'll like the whole record.

Felt’s leader did a Christian solo LP for a local label in 1974 and it’s pretty good. I’ve only seen one copy and I doubt it’ll ever get reissued. There may have been a second solo LP in 1978. And I’m pretty sure that Felt’s Stan Lee did not move to Los Angeles and start the Dickies , no matter what and every other Felt article I’ve ever read online says.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Googly Moogly. Felt. Dang, I haven't heard that name in many a year.
Back in the day I had the opportunity to hang with those gentlemen every now and then. Had my LP's not been lifted by some junky recidivist it would still be in my possession. To this day I still find myself humming "Don't Cry Mamma" whilst working.
Though I went to school at H'ville High I spent quite a bit of time at Grissom visiting pards in '71/'72.
I am stunned to see this post. What a blast from the past.
Do you still have access to their album? Please get in touch if you do.
I'm way out on the west coast but still an Alabama Boy.

2/5/05 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It''s quite impressive.

23/12/05 1:17 PM  

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