Friday, May 20, 2005

Every dog has his day

I've loved this song for years, ever since I heard Tav Falco's great cover version. And when I loved the song even more when I heard the original version by Roger & The Gypsies on LAS VEGAS GRIND, VOL 4.

I've loved Eddie Bo for years, ever since The Old Road Hog played a cut-out copy of the CHECK MR. POPEYE record at my house one drunken night a long time ago.

So imagine how surprised I was yesterday when I found out the Roger & The Gypsies were Eddie Bo playing under an assumed name!

Anyway, Vampisoul Records has a new Eddie Bo Anthology coming out. Wow! This looks to be as essential as the recent Charlie Poole compilation. I know what I want for Father's Day.


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