Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Welcome To Goose Creek

When Superfine Dandelion broke up, Ed Black & Mike McFadden started recording an album for their Chief Root Wizard and The Silvery Moon project. At the same time, they helped out another Phoenix musician by adding guitars and vocals to an album that he was recording.

Taking a break from his band, Richie Hart & The Heart Beats, Charles Gearheart was working on a country rock album with psychedelic leanings. McFadden & Black couldn’t get any labels to release the Chief Root Wizard and The Silvery Moon album. Capitol Records was interested in Gearheart’s album and released the Goose Creek Symphony album in 1970. The record is worth getting just for the song that has a backwards jaw-harp Another one was written by Mike McFadden.

Capitol wanted a tour to support the record so Gearheart formed a band. Goose Creek Symphony recorded some less & less interesting LPs with some good songs in the early seventies and then took a long break. Gearheart got the band going again about 10 years ago and they’re still going.

Mike McFadden moved to Los Angeles where he formed a band called Elton Duck with Mike Condello. Also in the band was a pre-Bangle Michael Steele.

Ed Black went on to play in several bands finally ending up in Nashville playing in Bailey and The Boys. Black died in 1998.


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