Wednesday, June 01, 2005

After the fireworks

The Tuff Monks were never a band. The Birthday Party were recording their JUNKYARD album at the same Melbourne studio where the Go-Betweens had been working on their "Hammer The Hammer" single. One night, Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard and Mick Harvey of the Birthday Party dropped by the studio where the Go-Betweens were working. Cave ended up singing a Go-Betweens song called “After The Fireworks” while everyone else made noise. "It’s an interesting mesh of Go-Betweens’ and Birthday Party’s styles. The Birthday Party win," Robert Forster said at the time.

Missing Link records had released three 45s and an LP by the Go-Betweens and were hoping to get some return on their money. The label was not happy when the band signed to Rough Trade and moved to London to record their next album. While it was a smart move for the Go-Betweens, Missing Link was not pleased with the band’s good fortune. Somebody at the label remembered that they still had the tapes made the night of the studio party and released it without the approval of either of the bands.


Both bands knew that the record was going to be released with the proceeds going to pay off the costs of the Birthday Party's recording sessions.

You pick the story you want to believe. Version #1 came from the Birthday Party and the liner notes to a Missing Link compilation. Version #2 came from the liner notes the the Go-Betweens BEFORE HOLLYWOOD reissue.

Either way, Missing Link did not release the record, "After The Fireworks" actually came out on an Au-Go-Go Records single in October 1982. The tape was run in reverse for the B-side.


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