Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Advertising signs that con you/Into thinking you're the one

Do I care that Starbucks is the exclusive distributor of a Bob Dylan CD? Not really, the GASLIGHT TAPES have been available for years if anybody wanted to look for them and you can be sure that the ones complaining loudest already have a copy. I have a feeling that if Dylan didn’t want this to happen, it would not be happening. He’s already licensed songs to Apple Computers and the Bank of Montreal.
Anyway, Starbucks is a step up (a tiny step) from doing commercials for Victoria’s Secret. And didn’t Victoria’s Secret have an exclusive Dylan CD around the same time?

My wife likes the GASLIGHT TAPES because Dylan seems to have misplaced his harmonica.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don`t think Dylan would have any control over this kind of commercial decision, or he`s given up caring.

The young Bob Dylan would never indulge this adver-crap. But then the young Bob Dylan wouldn`t have made some of the nonchalant music albums the Bob Dylan of the eighties
made, or couldnt really be bothered to. Who wouldnt kill for time with Adrianna Lima and Co., lol.

Or maybe he just likes the money.

Selling out is a lot harder to do than it looks (I take my quote from the awesome gapingvoid)

2/10/08 6:51 PM  

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