Monday, October 31, 2005

Garage Sale

This week, I’m going to post the GARAGE SALE compilation that came out on ROIR records in 1985. The comp was put together by Jeff Tamarkin through Goldmine Magazine.

I thought it was a good compilation at the time even though it focused mainly on the Northeast and California. There were garage bands in other cities.

The sound quality is not great. What do you expect, they’re taken from a twenty year old cassette.

The Mosquitos - Darn Well (Long Island, NY)

The Vipers - Who Dat? (NYC)

The Gravedigger V - She Got (San Diego)

The Trip - Never Too Late For Linda (San Francisco)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, I got the Children of Nuggets (as a gift), and I have to admit, it's pretty good. I would have included some more UK indie stuff, but I wasn't asked and I don't know jack about liscensing.


1/11/05 3:36 PM  

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