Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Great New Guitar Sounds

This was one of the first records I bought just because it looked interesting. The name of the LP - FREAKOUT!! - catches your eye and the cute girl on the cover keeps it. I found the record at the Superflea Flea Market on 23rd Street in Chattanooga in 1985 or so.

The music is pretty good, a few covers of popular hits and some great originals. There are no credits at all, no songwriter or publisher names, no musician’s names or production credits – nothing. The band doesn't even have a name. I don’t know who played this stuff but I bet these songs are tapes of studio musicians fooling around in the studio. The guitarist is trying to sound like Link Wray on this song. Actually, the whole record sounds like the kinda stuff the Phantom Surfers would be doing thirty years later.

Spinorama Records specialized in cash-in records designed to look like popular records. I’ve seen a discography of the label that says this came out in ’65. Some of it was recorded earlier than that.

I’ve seen this record going for thirty bucks. It’s not worth that but I’m not selling my copy either.


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