Friday, November 25, 2005

One more thing to be thankful for

The dB’s third LP, LIKE THIS, is going to be available again! Collector’s Choice Music is set to release it in early 2006. New liner notes and pictures, two bonus tracks: the absolutely essentialDarby Hall” and the completely useless dance mix of “A Spy In The House Of Love.”

LIKE THIS was the dB’s first LP without band founder Chris Stamey and the first one released in America. It’s never been easy to find. Bearsville Records released it in 1984 but did not support the band and or distribute the LP widely. The label actually rejected the first version of the LP and tried to have the band re-do the whole thing with Todd Rundgren as producer. Fortunately, that didn’t work out. Bearsville Records went out of business shortly after and the LP disappeared. Rhino Records released LIKE THIS again in 1990 but didn’t keep it in print very long.

One of my favorite lines from any song ever is on this LP: “I can understand how you want a better man/but why do you want to him out of me?”


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