Friday, December 02, 2005

Enoch Light presents

I haven’t had this LP by The Spectras very long. I pulled it out of the used bins at Sunburst Records a few weeks ago mostly because it said ‘Enoch Light presents’ on the cover. Since the album was released in 1970, I was hoping it was some sort of ‘persuasive percussion goes psychedelic’ thing. It’s not. There are a few good songs, I could’ve done without the horns but that’s just me. The Spectras are as good as H.P. Lovecraft or T.I.M.E. anyway. Free Design fans should like the Spectras.

Here’s the surprising part. I did a Google search to see if I could find anything about the band. They’re still together! The Spectras are from New Hampshire and they’re playing a show next weekend. They don’t have any songs from this LP on their playlist but if a realtor shouted out for one, maybe they’d go ahead and play it.

It makes me feel pretty good to know that a bunch of guys that started a band in high school are still having fun playing music 40 years later.


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