Tuesday, August 22, 2006

All we have is four minutes

When Pylon’s third 45 came out in 1982, the 7” version was a very common sight in record shops. The 12” wasn’t. I’ve only seen it a few times. It’s kinda weird because the early eighties were when the 12” single was at its peak. Everybody had 12” records in the eighties, even bands like The Cramps and Husker Du. So was this a promo thing or for distribution to dance clubs? Anyway, the 12” has got the same dB catalog number as the 7” version.

The two songs on the A-side, “Beep” and “Altitude” are the same versions that are on the 45 and the CHOMP album. They’re both great. “Beep” is one of the Pylon’s best songs.

The b-side is not as good. It’s a nearly six minute song called “Four Minutes”. The song is built up from elements of “Beep”, sound effects and some fooling around in the studio. I’m a Pylon fan and I don’t care much for it. Playing the thing at 45 rpm doesn’t help much except that the title is a bit more accurate. And the song is over sooner.

The 12” is the only place that “Four Minutes” was available, maybe it’ll be on the CHOMP reissue. GYRATE is being released in a remastered deluxe version this fall, I hope CHOMP gets reissued too.


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