Thursday, August 24, 2006

What happened to the Art In The Dark.

Back in April, I posted a thing about Art In The Dark. I ended the entry wondering what happened to them. Now I know, Sam the keyboard player fills us in:

Thanks for remembering Art in the Dark. I left the band and moved to Atlanta. The guys added a second guitarist - Brian Lilje. They played for a while longer in the Southeast, but no more big tours, then we all scattered. The bass player Jack went off the grad school (MFA) and became Hank McCoy and the Dead Ringers. Jack lived in Germany for a while, married, had kids, went back to grad school (JD), and is now an attorney. The drummer Rick became a set dresser, married, had kids, went way out west, and runs a business. The guitarist Tim moved to NYC, became a Buddhist monk, left the order, and moved back to Athens (still there, as of last summer). The second guitarist Brian became a guitar repair guy, moved to Atlanta, married, and has a kid. The manager Kenny married, moved back to Atlanta, became an aviator and runs an aviation business. I moved around, went to grad school, played in an August band in the early 90's (called BLAH!), married, had kids, and make software.

- Sam (keyboards)

Thanks Sam!

I also got a message telling me that True West has played a few reunion shows. Any more coming up?


Blogger theoldroadhog said...

What's an August band?

27/8/06 6:32 PM  
Blogger KS said...

The music had an end-of-summer, almost autumnal feel. Kinda like the Rievers third LP.

Or it was a typo.

28/8/06 3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typo. Should've been "Augusta," as in Georgia.

6/3/09 3:22 PM  

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