Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cool jazz From Holland

OK, I admit that I bought this one mostly because of the great cover cartoon of a jazz band playing in a wooden shoe. The music is good too. Two songs each by three bands that I’ve never heard of. It was worth fifty cents. The Stido Alstrom Trio has the best name of the three. Best songs too.

The 10” record came out in 1956 on Epic records. Was there a big jazz scene in Holland back then? Was Epic trying to cash in on by selling records to soldiers that missed Dutch jazz when they came home from Europe?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for your comment. My father was Stido Alström (a.k.a. Dits Sakkers). He chose his artist name because of his work at the Philips corporation. The jazz scene in holland was at its peek at the time. Many came out of the second world war in search of identity I guess and it was an easy time to make life-time friends. With the economy booming and everybody feeling safe, jazz was a good bridgebuilder. Even after my dad and others retired from professional work, they picked up jazz again and played in festivals in the 1980's. My dad passed away three years ago, with many of his old jazz friends already gone. he was a great fan of Oscar Peterson, who had without a doubt a great influence on his work. In 1989 a Jazz-behind-the-dikes CD came out with the best work of Dutch jazz in the 1950's.

10/3/08 8:55 AM  
Blogger KS said...

Wow! Thanks for the update!

10/3/08 8:59 PM  

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