Wednesday, October 03, 2007

20th century boy

It's a real headscratcher that none of the acts I've got today are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is the most influential and creative set of musicians I've posted yet.

I just figured that T. Rex would be in already. Nope. I don’t understand how a band as important as T. Rex could not be in the Hall of Fame. The band was a huge influence on punk, new wave, heavy metal – just about any trend that came along in rock (esp in England) after 1980 owes something to Marc Bolan. Put T.Rex in now. Don’t even wait for a vote on it. Have a special induction ceremony as soon as a banquet hall can be rented and a caterer hired.

It's the same story for Kraftwerk. Inspiring more followers than I can list and they ain’t in the Hall of Fame. Just listen to this again and you’ll agree. Africa Bambaataa was nominated this year. Where did his hit “Planet Rock” come from? Put the source in first!

If I was in charge of a Rock Hall of Fame, both Can and Neu! would be in there but they don’t stand a chance of getting into the one up in Cleveland.

Just about anything new that has happened in music in last 35 years, Brain Eno did first. And usually better. Glam, punk, ambient, world music - Eno did all of those and more in the seventies and he's stayed busy since then. Slightly less influential but still worthy of any respectable Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is Roxy Music. Put ‘em both in the hall before all the acts that copied them get in!


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