Thursday, November 01, 2007

All going out together

While I was posting all those Halloween songs yesterday, I almost forgot a bout a comment that I got about a post from a while back.

Big Dipper is reuniting for 4 shows! It's not scheduled to happen until April '08 so go mark the dates on your calendar. There is also a 3-disc set of Big Dipper's records planned. Yay! If everybody that googles "Ron Klaus wrecked his house" buys a copy, it'll be a hit. Read more here.


Blogger Unknown said...

I too am most stoked about the Dipper reunion. Just discovered your blog, it looks great. I came in via the Method Actors entry. I hate blog grovellers, but any chance I could sweet talk and/or bribe you into reposting their tracks? Thanks.

6/11/07 2:59 AM  

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