Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Art In The Dark

By request, here's another rerun:

I’ve had these songs ready to post for about a week now. The problem is that I don’t know anything about this band. Before anybody writes to say that’s never stopped me before, let me add that I should know a little about Art In The Dark. I read every issue of Tasty World back when it was still around, I’ve read books about Athens GA music in the eighties and I still don’t know anything about the band. I think I may have even seen them in ’85.

Art In The Dark released a 4-song EP in 1983. The record was produced by Mitch Easter at his Drive-In Studios in January and September of that year. This song is pretty much a textbook example of jangle. The whole record is good, it might’ve been a paisley underground classic if the band had lived in Los Angeles instead of Athens, GA.

The band seems to have changed their name to The Icons for their LP called ART IN THE DARK. The Icons get production credit anyway. The record was recorded by John Keane. The band covered Big Star, there’s another textbook jangle song and a couple other good ones. There is also a fake live song that I won’t force on you.

I think there was another EP in there somewhere but I’ve never seen it. Sometimes, Art In The Dark reminds me of The Connells. They were fairly popular just a few years later, Art In The Dark should’ve stuck around a little longer. I don’t know when the band broke up. Or when they got together either.

So why have Art In The Dark been forgotten? Roger Lyle Brown only mentions them once in his book Party Out Of Bounds, Trouser Press doesn’t mention them at all, Allmusic does but just barely, the RockAthens page has the band member’s names and 3 pictures. There’s no websites for the band or the guys in the band. There was something here but it’s expired. Where'd they go?

Go here to find out where Art In The Dark went.


Blogger evr said...

any chance of posting the Big Star cover. My buddy and I played the crap out if that EP back in the day.

Thanks in advance!

30/11/07 2:44 AM  

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