Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Big Dipper news

Good news for all of us Big Dipper fans! Merge Records is going to release SUPERCLUSTER on March 18, 2008. That’s the 3 disc set of Big Dipper’s Homestead albums and a third disc containing an unreleased LP from the post Epic years. Yay!

There’s no SLAM stuff included so these live b-sides from 1990 aren’t going to be available again until CBS decides to reissue SLAM with bonus tracks. Maybe they will if enough people buy a copy of SUPERCLUSTER. So get one!

The live songs are a pretty good set of cover songs taken from two different shows. A couple of standards, a song that every band had to play at least once in 1989 and a surprise choice. It's good stuff.


Blogger Evan said...

That's great news! I have fond memories of a Big Dipper b-side titled "He Was God," and a later 45 titled "Approach of a Human Being" (or something like that). Do you know if those are included on this set?

30/12/07 7:42 AM  
Blogger KS said...

Yes & yes. Both songs are going to be there.

The only non-CBS songs that I don't see are "Homo Sapien" and "Making Plans For Bison".

30/12/07 9:31 AM  

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