Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Playin' records, drinkin' cokes, eatin' barbecue

I’m not really sure where I got this fine 45. Maybe it was in a pile of records that I got at at a flea market or junkstore and I didn’t notice it at the time. About 5 years ago, I found the record in a box on a shelf in the record room, put it on the turntable and loved it. It’s been near the top of the stack ever since.

"At The Party" really is a great record. I don’t know why it didn’t make it onto the AT THE PARTY compilation that Candy Records put out a few years ago, it would have fit right in. If you like this record even a little bit, you need AT THE PARTY. Heck, you need that album even if you don’t like this song at all.

The doo-wop style A-side is a chance for the Lyrics to get in touch with their sensitive side. I like it (the guitar part is very good) but it didn’t stand a chance in 1964. Maybe it would’ve been a hit if the Lyrics had been on a bigger label.

Ike Perry and His Lyrics performed around Cleveland, Ohio in the early sixties. They released at least three singles. This one was released twice. The first release was on Mama Records and then again on Courier Records, a small label from Fremont, Ohio.

(Yes, this is a repeat. I'm busy this week.)


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