Friday, December 14, 2007

Some action

There are two main phases of the Flamin Groovies career, the early high energy band and the later beat revival band. Flamin Groovies fans are usually partial to one era or the other.

So which one is better? Decide for yourself - here's a 1973 version of the Groovies best song "Shake Some Action" recorded as a demo right after Roy Loney left the band. It's Cyril Jordan's favorite take of the song.

And here's the officially released version that was used as the title song for the great LP that the Groovies released in 1976. Four years and a big stylistic change in between the two recordings. I like both of 'em but I'm easy to please.

Heck, I even like this recording by the eighties version of the band. Nobody ever picks that as the Groovies best era.


Blogger Dgrador said...

"Shake" blew my mind when it came out in '76, it may have kickstarted the whole powerpop frenzy imo. But I love that early version so much...

16/12/07 10:57 AM  

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