Monday, January 14, 2008

Come and get it

TOO MUCH PORK FOR JUST ONE FORK wasn't really a comeback for Southern Culture On The Skids. The band's 1985 LP was recorded by an entirely different band. 6 years later, the only remaining original member was guitarist Rick Miller. The earlier quartet was a really good live act but they weren't known for banana pudding and throwing fried chicken out to the crowd. The new trio also had a soulful feel that the earlier quartet didn't. The first incarnation were Cramps fans, this new group sounds a lot like CCR.

Some of my favorite songs are here but this new LP wasn't a full on party record like some of S.C.O.T.S. later records. A few of the songs are just plain boring. It would have helped to cut a few songs and made the record shorter.

I did talk the new version into playing the great "Psycho Surfing" at a 1990 show at the Ivory Tusk in Tuscaloosa. What a great song, I wish they had kept it in the setlist.

This song is one of the strangest things the band ever recorded. I like it.

Right after TOO MUCH PORK FOR JUST ONE FORK was released, Moist Records went out of business. As popular as Southern Culture has gotten, the LP has never been re-released. A few of the songs did get re-recorded later on, mostly on DIRT TRACK DATE.


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