Monday, February 25, 2008

All my friends are here (again)

In 1975, Alex Chilton took a break from recording Big Star's third LP and went to the studios of Memphis radio station WLYX to play a live set. I hope he didn’t drive because he seems to be somewhat impaired, heck he even admits it during the cover of "I Will Always Love You". I wonder what somebody that just turned the radio on thought when they heard this stuff.

Anyway, I think these show will be very interesting for Chilton fans and worth skipping for everyone else. It’s interesting to hear the early versions of songs that ended up on SISTER LOVERS and the selection of cover songs shows that Alex had eclectic taste way back in 1975.


Blogger Mystery Date said...

Alex Chilton is God. Thanks so much for posting this - what a beautiful mess!

27/2/08 2:12 AM  

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