Friday, February 08, 2008

Fade to black

After releasing their debut LP in 1979, The Last spent the next year recording an LP that no label wanted to release. The few songs did get out on compilations show what we missed. LOOK AGAIN was a good record. I can't believe that no label picked it up.The band was in disarray for most of that time too. They were still a popular live act in LA but they did not sell a lot of records.

The band also spent much of 1981 searching for a fifth member to replace Mike Nolte, who had been un-Lasted in 1980. Steve Wynn, Susannah Hoffs & David Roback are only a few of the guitarists that didn't pass the audition.

So it was a long break between the 1979 release of L.A. EXPLOSION and this 1982 Bomp! EP called FADE TO BLACK. It's another winner, my only complaint is that it's too short. "Fade To Black" was written for a movie called Fade To Black. Footage of The Last playing the song ended up on the cutting room floor. Joe Nolte wrote "That's Just Life" about being thrown out of a club just after his band left the stage. "Obsession" is about a girl and some dreams that Nolte had. Last keyboard player Vitus Matare wrote "Subway Song". Ask him what it's about next time you see him.

Some label needs to release the Last's 1980-83 recordings. I've never even seen a copy of PAINTING SMILES ON A DEAD MAN, the French LP that the band released before they broke up the first time.


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Thoght you might dig this.

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