Monday, February 11, 2008

Foggy waterfall

The Left Banke's last single from late 1969 was really only two members of the band leading a session with the Tom Kaye producing and his band providing the music. The songs are not bad, actually, this one's pretty good. It's just not the Left Banke despite what it says on the label. Just the opposite of the Steve Martin 45 I posted last week. That was the Left Banke in every way except the name on the label.

"Foggy Waterfall" was unreleased at the time (and has only been released once on Rhino's deleted HISTORY OF THE LEFT BANKE), probably because it wasn't as good as the other two songs. The song seems kinda slight and unfinished. It may have even been a studio jam, about halfway through the song somebody says "keep rolling tape". That was a bad idea and a waste of tape. All of the good parts of the song were already done.

So I took some liberties with "Foggy Waterfall" and faded it out right before the order to keep the tape rolling. I like it better this way. I hope Michael Brown, Steve Martin, & the Tom Kaye Band will forgive me.

Anybody else think that the flute is really a mellotron?

Trivia: which member of Spinal Tap played guitar for the Left Banke in 1967?

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Blogger Charlemange said...

Hey thanks for linking to my site. I'll put a news article on mine about your entry.

The Spinal Tap guy? I'll let someone else try and answer that. I'll just give initals: MM.

12/2/08 1:11 PM  

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