Thursday, February 28, 2008

A very lively bit of radio

More Alex on the radio. From 1978, this was broadcast on KUT in Austin Texas.

Alex has an acoustic guitar with him, He plays several songs from LIKE FLIES ON SHERBERT and talks about the not yet released LP. He also appears to be drunk as are the girls in the studio with him. The DJ is sober but I imagine that he probably got called into the station manager's office the next day. The show is anarchy.

Several old country & folk songs are played. There is also a really offensive thing called "Riding Through The Reich" that I'm glad never got put on an LP. Alex plays another Nazi song but it's a really good one.

Other topics are SISTER LOVERS, the Box Tops, the breakup of Big Star and a lot of Brian Eno.


Blogger Dgrador said...

Thanks for these peeks into this period of Chilton. I;m not a fan of Big Star, however I'm fascinated with his work with Tav Falco, and his production of the Cramps in '79.

5/3/08 8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Can you repost any of the dead links including the Chilton. thx

21/3/08 1:40 AM  

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