Thursday, April 10, 2008

The greatest hit

The Blue Orchids were formed in 1979 by Una Baines & Martin Bramah who were founding members of the Fall. The Blue Orchids don't sound like The Fall. At times, they sound like Opal playing with The Neats.

In 1980, The Blue Orchids released 45 of "The Flood"/"Disney Boys" on Rough Trade records. This was followed by the band's first LP THE GREATEST HIT (MONEY MOUNTAIN) which I think is the band's best work. There was a Blue Orchids song on the NME's C-81 cassette. In 1982, the Blue Orchids did a tour of Europe as Nico's backup band. There was a 4-song EP on Rough Trade and then the Blue Orchids went on a long hiatus.

The first time I heard The Inspiral Carpets and some of the other Madchester bands, I thought that they sounded like the Blue Orchids. Martin Bramah must've noticed something too because restarted the Blue Orchids with a new set of musicians at around the same time.

(Yeah, it's another rerun.)


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