Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Death of survival

Been a while since I posted a Huntsville record so here is a couple songs by Don (Nicky) Jolly & the Oscillations. The 45 was released on the Carrousel (their spelling) label in 1972. Like Ron Moore, Don (Nicky) Jolly was caught up in the early 70's Jesus Rock movement, he's not as subtle as Moore though. The Oscillations make up for it though, playing some really nice Byrdsian country rock behind song writer Don Copeland's fire & brimstone lyrics.

I wonder if any radio stations played this record. The religious radio stations around North Alabama wouldn't have played any rock songs, I doubt any of the rocks stations played it either.

I'd never heard anything about the band or the label before I found this 45. Haven't found anything since then either. Any of you guys know anything?

It'd be nice to find a cleaner copy of the record though.


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