Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Improving our lie

Eddy & the Back Nine were one of the many theme bands that popped up in the early Nineties. One of the best things about Eddy & The Back Nine was that they didn't stick around until the joke got old. The band released IMPROVING OUR LIE on Super-Electro in 1993. I like it.

The 4 song record is really short, probably a good thing when your theme is golf. The whole thing is over in 7 minutes - less time than it took to pick out the sweaters for the photo shoot.

Eddy was Ed Fotheringham, the artist responsible for numerous record covers on Sub Pop and a lot of other labels. Fotheringham drew several covers for the underappreciated Flop, they returned the favor by playing the Back Nine with Eddy.


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