Thursday, May 29, 2008

The next morning

The Next Morning was started when five musicians from Trinidad and the Virgin Islands met up in New York City and started a heavy psych band. The music isn't quite heavy metal but I do hear a bit of Deep Purple in the organ playing. Psychedelic music was already out of style for a few years when NEXT MORNING was released, this may have been the last record to pan the music from channel to channel. Anybody that doesn't like fuzz or phasing may want to stay away from this album.

The band was apparently popular in New York City. Popular enough that Columbia Records almost signed the band. The band signed with a Roulette Records subsidiary instead. Calla Records didn't have enough muscle to get the band a hit record though. That's too bad. Some of these songs are pretty good.

I found this a few weeks ago at Vertical House Records. It's wasn't on my want list but for only two dollars, I was glad to find it anyway.


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