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I didn't know anything about Ron Moore when I found a copy of WILMORE, his '71 LP at the Opera House in South Pittsburgh, TN. The record was cheap and the insert compared Moore to Neil Young, James Taylor & Arlo Guthrie so I figured I'd take a chance. WILMORE is a good record, Moore leads an acoustic trio through a set of pretty good songs. Moore has had a long career as a Christian singer but the record never gets preachy.

I hear more James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie than Neil Young. Neil fans will like this record. So will Steve Goodman and David Ackles fans, even though Moore doesn't really sound like any of them. This is early seventies acoustic rock - if that doesn't scare you off, you'll probably like WILMORE.

Moore self released the LP (and a string of others) on his own Airborn label. Details about Moore are not easy to find. I think Moore was based in Kentucky (that's the mailing address listed on the pamphlet) but he may have been from Michigan. He travelled a lot, songs were written in Michigan, Seattle, Dothan Alabama and one was written in South Korea in 1965. Moore lives in North Carolina now and is still playing guitar.


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