Tuesday, July 22, 2008

House with a hundred rooms

The Chills HOUSE WITH A HUNDRED ROOMS was a great single, one that continued the string of brilliant songs recorded by the Chills in the early eighties. But I was really disappointed when songs were included on the CD of BRAVE WORDS, the Chills first real album.

It always bugged me that the 3 songs were thrown in the middle of the album. Bonus tracks should be at the end or the beginning of the record, not in the middle. Even worse, the songs on the CD were different versions from the original vinyl release that I was used to hearing. "House With A Hundred Rooms" is a different recording, the other two songs are alternate mixes. They sound good but they don't sound right to my ears.

So I burned my own copy of BRAVE WORDS using the 12" mixes at the beginning of the disc. I know its kinda nitpicky but I sure do prefer BRAVE WORDS my way.


Blogger reevesy said...

The question is, isn't the way the artist intended the album good enough for you?

16/10/08 6:37 AM  
Blogger KS said...

Obviously not or I wouldn't have even mentioned it.

The artist liked the songs well enough to release them on a 12". Maybe they couldn't decide which one they liked better and released both versions in different formats.

Anyway, it's my CD. I'll remember not to play it if you ever drop in...

16/10/08 5:43 PM  

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