Thursday, July 31, 2008

More akimbo

By request, here's another rerun:

Last week, Little Hits posted a song from Arms Akimbo's first EP. It's pretty good. So here's the two songs from the band's 1983 7". The sides of the record are labeled 'pop' and 'dance'. See if you can guess which side the songs are from.

Arms Akimbo went on to release a pretty good EP and a not as good LP on Atlanta's 688 records. Both records are pretty common in used bins. If Arms Akimbo had only released the first 45, I'd be happy. It's the only thing I ever listen to by the band.


Blogger Unknown said...

Any chance you can repost those Arms Akimbo songs? I have "Start" and "Yield to Me", ripped from my 45, but the quality is horrible.

24/12/08 12:04 AM  
Anonymous nicholas said...

I would love to have any quality copy of Yield To Me by Arms Akimbo. I loved that song, it was always playing on WRAS back in the very early 80s. I recorded it to cassette but sadly that cassette is long gone. Please, if anyone can post that song somewhere for me it would be great!

27/8/09 8:38 PM  

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