Monday, August 04, 2008

Fish beat rock

Hen Gates and his Gators are a group of talented young Rock 'N Roll musicians who were molded into one group for the purpose of recording.

Public Acceptance of this group indicates that Hen Gates and his Gators have been recognized among the top exponents of Rock 'N Roll.
- from liner notes by Marty Ostrow

Except that there never was a Rock & Roll combo called Hen Gates & The Gators. Hen Gates is actually sax player Freddie Mitchell and the Gators were whoever was sitting in with him during a recording session sometime in the late forties.

Masterseal Records wanted to get some of the money when rock & roll got popular, so they released these sessions in 1957. Whoever the label hired to name the songs earned his pay, every song has 'rock' somewhere in the name. "Fish Beat Rock" is a great name for a song - it could be a Half Japanese or Fall title - the music matches the free associating title.

Freddie Mitchell was the leader of the house band at Derby Records where he had a hit with "Doby's Boogie". Mitchell and band probably didn't think that these recordings were ever going to be released, The musicians are just playing around waiting for the singers to return from the bar.

In 1956, Mitchell appeared as the sax player in the Alan Freed's Rock & Roll Orchestra in the movie Rock, Rock, Rock.

Masterseal included a couple of Mitchell's real records (including "Doby's Boogie") on the Hen Gates LP as unlisted tracks at the end of each side. Were these be the first ever bonus tracks?


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