Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Three and a half years after I first asked the question, somebody finally knew something about The Premiers!

The other night, JP of the Birmingham Record Collectors Club let me know that the Premiers were from Fairfield Alabama. The band started playing in the late 50's and released at least one other record. A 45 of "Ruby Baby"/"Oh Babe" at a studio in Birmingham in 1958 or '59 and released it on an unknown label. Anybody got a copy of this single? Did they have any others?

If you haven't heard them, here's "Locomotive" and "Oogsy-moo".

In addition to Dale Kahrr playing lead guitar, the band included singer Len Wade, bassist Howard Tennyson and drummer Bobby Hewlett. There was also a rhythm guitarist whose name is unfortunately forgotten.

Now if I could find out who was behind "Chicken Backs".


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