Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a girl can't do

In 1966, a Washington D.C. band called The Reekers caught the ear of somebody from Monument Records. The label was ready to sign the band right about the same time the band broke up. The label was still interested though and released a terrific Reekers song, "What A Girl Can't Do", under the name chosen by several ex-Reekers that were forming a new band.

Monument sent the band - now called the Hangmen - to Nashville to record an album with Buzz Cason. The LP is a little on the weak side, it's a little softer than a band called the Hangmen should sound. There are a few covers of songs by Roy Orbison (with a sitar so you know it's from 1967), The Everly Brothers and a really good storming version of "Gloria". I wish the whole LP was as tough as this. Tom Guernsey wrote some originals for the LP, "Isn't That Liz" is one of the better songs.

There are more Reekers and Hangmen songs over at Garage Hangover. Go get 'em!


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