Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The hum of life

There were a bunch of Daisy bands around in the early 90's but this band from Athens was my favorite. They were just called Daisy - no Tripping or Chainsaw here - but they were called The Daisy Group on one 45 cover.

The group released three singles in 1991. The first 45 has two of the group's best songs: "The Hum Of Life" & "Undoing". It's also the most sought after for another reason: Michael Stipe produced it.

David Barbe produced the other two singles. He should have done some editing too, some of the songs go on a few minutes longer than they need to.

A 1993 CD called THE HUM OF DAISY collected those tracks and added a few more songs.

All three records were released on Planned Obsolescence, a label run by a guy named Sean Curry. Which explains the David Barbe connection, Mercyland had some records on Planned Obsolescence too.


Blogger Nunyaa said...

I have this album, Undoing, Mr Real are my favorites along with The Hum of Life :)

27/10/08 9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great lost band! I have the CD... truly original sound.

30/8/11 8:35 PM  

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