Monday, September 08, 2008

Trigger mortis

I bought this Lithium X-Mas EP at Sunburst Records a few years ago. Jay had gotten a CD called HELLDORADO by the band in at the same time but I figured I'd see how they sounded before I bought the CD. I wouldn't feel as badly about not liking a record if I only spent $3.50 on it. As added incentive, the EP has a picture of Barbarella on the cover.

The record itself is pretty good though. Lithium X-Mas is a loud and fuzzy psychedelic guitar band somewhere in between Dinosaur Jr and The Jesus & Mary Chain. The record has a Hawkwind cover, a great version of "My Sweet Lord" (MC 900 Foot Jesus was in the band) and a couple of originals.

So I planned on picking up the CD too. Except Sunburst burned down before I got a chance to get it. Dang! The Slits RETROSPECTIVE, Spiral Jetty, and some Michael Hurley albums are a few of the other not-easy-to-find records that melted before I got around to buying them. Grrrr..


Blogger Davis Jones said...

Here are some live Slits for ya, straight out of San Francisco, 2006.


9/9/08 10:50 AM  

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